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Comments from last night's meeting

Aside from some of the normal technical issues we run into running so many collaborative web apps at one time I think last night was a good first Wednesday night session.  Some of the things we came out with:

  • Always start your Skypecasts with visitors muted by default
  • Everyone should take time to get familiar with their friendly neighborhood sound card settings
  • We're going to set up a Moodle space under to help with the process of getting through the course requirements in a logical and organized manner
  • Hosting a show is much easier when you have a partner acting as your "engineer"
  • Susan did a great job!

We'll have our next meeting the same time next week (I think) and hopefully by then we'll have some progress made in the Moodle space to help keep moving things along.


Now do we have a Moodle ? And, now do I Subscribe all in general

Just read Art mentioning a new course Moodle setup.Did this happen yet? I am still not sure I'm subscribed to everything written here. Each time that I find new posts I try to turn on subscriotion for this blog. But I have not yet found the overall Subscribe All posts + Comments, such as in the Moodle. All I want is to have things directly into my daily mailbox. No RSS feed reading to remember and management. Just plain gmail is all I'm asking for.

Well,well, yes I can subscribe, in my account settings...

Stupid, why did I not think of checking my preferences. Sorry friends for being such an amateur drupalist.

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