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Thinking about Web Huddle, Small Group Meetings, and the Academy - call for Nov.8th

It's time I posted about our Small Group Meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 1st, 20:30 EST.

I got a little nervous when 8:20pm rolled around and noone had poked their head in the webhuddle area but then soon after, names started appearing....whew, first hurdle over. I was thankful that Kathy took the reigns quickly and although she had never done a Skype conference before, she threw caution to the wind and set one up. Jeff also bridged from one skype conference (I believe) to Kathy's which I thought was very impressive but soon we all just stayed in Kathy's conference.

I learned alot about Skype Conferencing by listening to Kathy and Jeff set things up. I also discovered that my audio was causing grief to others so I had to be 'muted'....then eventually, when I tried to fix my audio, I completed turned myself off...well, audio-wise that is! We trouble-shooted using WebHuddle for a bit, where I showed my settings and others provided advice... and then Jeff suggested that I shut down Skype and come back...this did the trick, I was vocal again!

I was impressed by the Web Huddle program - this is the first program I have seen in action that lets anyone in the 'huddle' get control of the desktop. I know Elluminate has the capability, I've just never seen it in action....and to think WebHuddle is free!...I'm now very curious to see the VYEW program in action....Shall we change the venue to Vyew for next week?

The person who creates the meeting room is the controller of the desktop but s/he can easily pass control to someone else. We did this several times throughout the meeting and I felt it really helped. I had requested audio access for the meeting but we opted to use Skype instead - I would recommend not selecting that feature since, I'm thinking now, that it may also play havoc with sound controls on everyone's computers.

Unfortunately, when I jumped out of skype, I accidentily closed the WebHuddle meeting room and therefore lost control...when I got back into the huddle, no one had the power to pass control of the desktop to anyone - Lesson here....If you are the 'owner' of the meeting room, never close the meeting room window!

All in all I thought it was a worthwhile 1.5 hours. I felt sorry that we did not get a chance to help Marilyn solve her audio problems due to my mistake when I got locked out of the webhuddle control centre. As well, I found it a tad annoying that while I was showing my desktop, my screen image would flip about every time I jumped to the Web Huddle chat's hard to describe without seeing it.

I found things went smoothly with Kathy controlling the Skype conference, everyone watching the Web Huddle chat room and relaying messages through the skype audio as needed and then I was in control of changing the administration rights for the WebHuddle environment as necessary.

I'm up for another...same time, different 'place'...anyone want to practice their skype conferencing? Vyewing/Webhuddling? Wednesday, Nov.8th, 20:30EST (Global times)?

(Unfortunately, I won't be able to make the meeting this Sunday, but will follow up on the recorded stream).



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