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Dennis: Euro-zone Huddle meeting

Greetings those who would like to do a copycat meeting of last Wednesday's, which was at 01:30 GMT. (To make it clear - We won't be able to copy what that meeting did - different people with different competencies). Just to be definite, I'd like to suggest this coming

Monday 6 November

19:00 GMT


(If that isn't possible for someone, write so we can negotiate).


I suggest we do a mini Skype conference first, which I will start, and then plan to go to Huddle, if that seems worthwhile.

As I've noted before, my primary aim is to get help streaming. (Someone wrote that Huddle enables one to see particpants' desktops. That sounds interesting in this context, and potentially helpful.)

CLEARLY, we'll also talk about anything that anyone wants to talk about. This is social learning, isn't it?

I'm writing here in case we pick any more keen Euro-zone interns. I promse not to inform Blair about the Brit Euro supporters in this community.




Euro EdHuddle

I'll be there Dennis, all being well. We had an agenda last Wed but I don't think we got to dealing with any of the things on it. My personal objective will be to have a sound enhanced, crash free meeting.

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