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Dual monitors working for me by now

Last Sunday i was struggling with having too many open windows with just one monitor. I'm currently working from my stationary PC but whan I was more frequently using my powerbook laptop, I enjoyed connecting a secondary monitor. And I do have two  19" monitors, so what am I waiting for! 

Bengt sent me some information about connecting dual monitors to a PC and I felt encouraged to work on this problem. It came out to be quite easy! My PC has an nVidia Video board with DVI-I dual link. I figured out that I needed a DVI male -VGA female 15 pin adaptor.  All I needed was to locate a vendor here in Denmark. Then ,I had to find the Monitor preferences and do the correct settings for primary and secondary monitor. Now it works well, and I am happy as a child.

For the record, I made an audio file sharing this little story. This is a progression in my microphone shyness  - I jotted down on paper some tech details. I felt so sure what I wanted to share, that I just talked to my microphone and deleted only once! I've also edited this in the Audacity; even though I have been too rough on cutting away those uhms. Because, now two words are missing their first sound, changing the meaning just a wee bit. I'll upload my file here anyway, just to practise.


dual_monitors.mp31.01 MB

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