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PowerGramo will record SkypeCast

I have tried everything I can think of to get my recording capbabilities working on my desktop and my laptop to no avail.  I just wrote to PowerGramo and asked if the purchase version of their program is able to record SkypeCasts.  The answer is YES!  It's $19.99 and works from any computer when you log into Skype.  I plan to buy it and save a few headaches and a few more hours of experimenting. I envy those of you who have been able to figure it out.  I'm sorry this sounds like a commercial.  Perhaps those of you who might be considering this oprion should wait until I put it to the test.


If you like Skype, try this...

Skypecasts are essentially geared to a closed (Skype) network. If you like those, check out where you can use any telephone, VoIP client or Skype. You have Host control of the audio bridge and the chat (mute/unmute). And we record it and wrap it up for Podcasting. 

It is Live, Interactive Podcasting to connect with your audience, or simply topic-based discussions that can be recorded.

Brian (the TalkShoe team)

+1 (724) 935-talk

ps. fyi, we also pay people to Host Talkcasts (since August). Cheers - hope you check us out and have fun with it!

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