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SAM - nice but a little complex for a beginner

How using SAM to broadcast? -

 Its nice but complex! I want to be better to use this.

Where do I find an (easy) manual.

I have problems with the settting - Config -> Audio Mixer pipeline -> Voice FX destination.

This problem is solved: Setting-> ENCODER (the voice is going direct to the encoder)

Or another setting to get it running? - to get SAM using the soundcard?

This problem is solved: (thanks Jeff) - Setting in the ENCODERS - rightklick on the ENCODERINFO

Sandbox A- streaming:

(eg. MP3: 64kb/sec (CBR) 44kz....) choose->SELECT SCOURCE->SOUNDCARD-> choose your soundcard!

If your are streaming to sandbox B, too - do the same with this setting!

My USB-mic AK 5370 - my soundcard is SigmaTel C-Major Audio
(Jeff - can we put this into the categories i Academy-settings?)

Niels Damgaard Senior

Niels Damgaard Senior Education Manager Biblioteksentralen AL Oslo Norway

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