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Testing out i-Sound WMA MP3 Recorder 6.60 Professional

Thanks to a remark from Bengt I have started out testing this amazing software: i-Sound WMA MP3 Recorder 6.60 Professional

Start here to read about using this recording both ends of a Skype-call.

And this was interesting:" In fact, with a bit of effort, and luck on your side, you may be able to record a Skype conversation using the good old Windows Sound Recorder. To do this you need to uncheck the option to ‘Let Skype adjust my sound device’ setting (In Skype, select Tools, Options, Sound Devices). Then in the Windows Volume Control, make sure that the Microphone Mute checkbox is unchecked. In the recording control, select ‘Wave Out Mix’ or ‘Stereo Mix’ or similar (the name varies). Now, make that Skype call and see if you can record. We are grateful to the developer of the i-Sound Recorder for providing this useful tip."

Looks like this progam will work for us - anyone else tried this out/payed for it?

Manuel here

More info and download:

First impression: delicat layuot, many avanced settings, fix setting for stereo-mix!, able to record mp3-tunes paid for in iTunes - and closed by Apple :-)

Testing 14-11-06
Recording from Skype (always this LADY!) went OK - but i have to use Audio Repeater still to get my voice in

Recording and streeming with SAM vent OK - but the settings in SAM - Encoder ->rightklikk the encoderinfo (a+b sandboxchannel) -> select source->Soundcard-> Choose your soundcard (this seems to change without warning!)

Testing with filters in i-sound was not good - refused to record?

When the recording is sent to an MP3 file (set i i-sound->CODEX->MP3)

I can open this in Audacity to make the cosmetic afterwork! - Nice!

I will go for paying for this software -  I belive?

Other testers? - please tell your storry here - perhaps we are on the track of a better - and more smart solution for recording without audacity




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