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Complexity of audio recording...

In the process of traversing the learning curve for the Webcast Academy I've come to some observations not of the technical bent but of the philosophical one. My technical background allows me the latitude to tackle the more complex implementation requirements for the system setups, but I can see this being a very high price of admission for non-technical educators making the jump into this space. The classic debate of "digital natives vs. digital immigrants" personifies, to me at least, the audiences that will have a higher likelihood of success as compared to those likely to struggle.

The question, and derivative quest, is to find the shortest, easiest path for new adopters to experience successes and build on that momentum. I'd like to see us put together the "beginner's toolkit" for those educators just entering the space before they're ready to make the jump to the Audacity/Skype world.


Drupal and /or Moodle for webcast academy course?

SusNy, DK I was in a Euro mini meeting tonight with Anne, Niels and Dennis. At the end of meeting we talked about how to make sure you can follow what's written here in the drupal, I'm doing my best to subscribe to individual blogs, but apparently get only a few alerts in my personal mailbox, urging me to go to the Drupal page to read. For this I think Moodle is more friendly to the busy participant, as I am used to read full messages right in my mailbox, from outside of the protected Moodle login. Or,is there any more helpful general Subscribe to all & everything pref setting in Drupal? On the other hand, I would not consider it meaningful to have both-and for this purpose as we're already struggling with a plenitude of different programs for audio streaming not into comparative studies of CMS Unless there was some way to duplicate messages in both environments, I'd just loose the feeling of context... Anyway Art - which plans did you have on mind when opening a Moodle? Sus

Webcasting Training Wheels

You make a good point Art. I wonder if alternative 'ready made' webcasting environments like Talkshoe or PalTalk mignt be a place or non-early adopters to begin.

P.S. Would love to schedule a session to discuss the Academy Moodle. Let us know when you're available.

Academy Moodle

I'm available pretty much any evening after 8:30.  Take your pick.

Moodle Meetup

How about Thursday as a convergence with the Brainstorm (as long as Doug doesn't already have something planned)? We'd miss our European colleagues, but perhaps can eventually schedule a EuroMoodle session.

Brainstorming meeting

Sounds fine to me. I'll be coming from an EdTech meeting so I'll be all riled up anyway.

where is the webcast academy moodle

I use Moodle and ePort for professional development and am interesting in combining it here. Is the Moodle site already setup and if so - how do I find it?

Location of the Moodle

The site's enabled at but we really haven't done anything with it yet. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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