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I have come to the conclusion that this class is really good for me. I have usually jumped into a project with both feet and after floundering around had success. This one is a real challenge. I started this week thinking I would finally get going. Only to find that VAC will not install on my home computer. I have it at work, but my XP machine here just chokes. I get a message that it can't copy a file to a particular folder because it can't find the path. However, the path is there - I'm stumped AGAIN. Besides that, today I couldn't even get one of the computers in a lab in one of my schools to work using USB headphones - the sound insisted on coming through both the headphones and the monitor speakers. I have decided to figure this out before tackling web 2.0 issues and recording. As of this entry, I am feeling beaten by waves of sound - deep breath.


I had the same issue.

For some reason I had the same issue with my USB headset then I tried what Doug suggested and instead of the USB headset, I just used a standalone USB desktop mic and some cheap headphones.


Try plugging headphones into the "regular" jack as well

Hi Sharon, It's often a challenge to get this all up and running. Hang in there, it DOES get better with time. One thing to try is to plug in a set of "regular" headphones (even though you're using the USB ones) and this may help "silence" the monitor speakers. Also would like to hear more specifics about the path errors that you're getting to see if we can't get those ironed out as well. Regards Doug


All right - I started completely over and did some clean up on my home machine. I now have Audacity, LAME file and VAC all installed. Of course Skype also - so I am about ready to give it all a go again. I do think I may try the other method posted here, too. Thanks for all the support.

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