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3rd Webcast for Women of Web 2.0

This is the 3rd webcast for Women of Web 2.0.

Cheryl was webcasting from Wells, ME, Jennifer, Vicki and Sharon were in Atlanta at the Georgia State Technology Conference.

We discussed blogging and different conference offerings. There were 20 people in the skypecast, and about 12 people in the Worldbridges Chat.

Thanks to Jeff and Dave for hosting this great opportunity. Thanks to all the listener.

I'll be posting to iTunes this week, so you will be able to RSS the podcast. Thanks for the suggestion.

Over and out,


wow203.mp317.14 MB


Kathy's GaETC podcast - wow 2.0

Just to let you know I finished editing and posting my interviews from the GaETC.  The WOW 2.0 portion is at the end of episode 3 part 2.  Let me know what you think.  I'm going to try to recruit some webcast participants through my podcast site.


WOW 2.0 at GaETC

Cheryl, I joined the webcast last night too and today met up with Jen, Vicki and Sharon! I took their picture. Vicki would like to photoshop you in so send her a headshot! KDShields

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