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My SigmaTel Woes

I am sad to say I still cannot record a call with the Skype Lady. I have talked to her so many times I am hearing her in my dreams. I felt like I was really making progress until I hit the wall with my SigmaTel sound card. When I access my sound properties, under the record option, I do not have the stereo mix option or the wave option. I did receive a link from this group for a different driver, but that did not work. That driver disabled all sound. It could have been that by the time I tried the new driver I had already installed (and paid for VAC).


Since my desktop is new, I decided to contact Dell. After a long online chat and a phone call, Dell told me they had the solution, but if I wanted to know it would cost me $99.00.

Sooo, I am stepping back. I have uninstalled VAC, uninstalled all sound drivers, downloaded and installed the latest audio driver from Dell - and I have sound again. But still no option for stereo mix and wave.

Maybe by the weekend I will have something posted.


Couldn't Download in the US

Tried using North America -> US as my region and it wouldn't le me download Notebook Drivers. I just put in Canada instead and found the driver with no problem after that.

stereo mix on Dimension missing but not dead.

I had these problems with my Dell Dimension 3100c. After hours of searching I found a forum somewhere and a link to a Korean website. I remember it was Korean because I used google translate three times before I found the correct language. Anyway, I downloaded a driver from the page and .... da da! I had stereo mix and it worked great. The problem is that I was later forced to do a drive format (virus) and I lost the link to the site. Its as frustrating as hell because I know its out there but I cannot find the forum or the Korean site again.

i fixed mine, maybe this will work for you

I was on the phone for hours with Dell support as they tried to fix the missing "stereo mix." Dell has clearly disabled the stereo mix option from their drivers, as has Gateway, Packard Bell and almost every other company the Dell rep had me work on. That was, until I stumbled upon a link to LG. I downloaded their 94mb driver kit, and I now have stereo mix. Huzzah!

You can follow the steps here to get your stereo mix working. I hope it works for you Cathy. I just recorded both ends of a Skype call seamlessly. There were three options on the site. I chose the first one that came up labeled "Series V1" that was 94mb. Try it and let me know if it works for you.

 Dell just wants you to buy a better soundcard, really annoying that they turn off features like that.

same problem

I have a brand-new, dual core Dell Latitude D420, and steremix is not there for my SigmaTel audio card. All the Googling I have done shows that Dell enables only the most basic of audio components with their built-in soundcards. Shocking, but true. Some people recommending purchasing another soundcard (what a pain). Some people have hacked their Dell's to get access to the "stereomix," so I am looking into that. Will let you know what I find. Very annoying predicament.

On Latitude D810 from Dell is stereomix OK

I have a Latitude D810 form Dell - and its soundcard is SigmaTel C-Major Audio - and its providing me with the steriomix option - and i am able to record with AVC and stream with both SimpleCast - and with SAM.

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