Audacity Controlling my Sound Control Panel...

Audio Recording Control

Hi --- I was webcasting last week through an pa system -- so I was going directly into my soundcard via a 1/8 inch audio cable from the mixing board. I selected the Stereo Mix Audio Recording Control and put the volume up and was not getting any input from my sound card to Simplecast or Audacity. I panicked, restarted Simplecast, checked my audio settings -- nothing seemed to work. So I closed and opened Audacity, and then I saw that the microphone was selected in the audio input in Audacity. I changed that to Audio Mix and that fixed the problem.

Audio Input Selector in Audacity

So what does this all mean? I think that Audacity may take over some of your Audio settings on your computers, so checking the settings there before you start streaming is important. I hope that this helps some of you.

- Alex

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bad audacity, very bad!

bad audacity, very bad! behave!

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