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About me missing out and my personal situation

I have already have learned alot and have met several new friends in this nice community that World Bridges and Webcast Acacdemy is. I though must sadly slow down this. I have recently lost 25% of my income and really need to find a way to somehow get it back... I probably have to start a company or something. Even though i have much knowledge about alot of things i have trouble getting someone to employ me... At the moment i started an online magazine about Photo for beginners hoping to get medias attention and maybe through that get some work... Since many of you work in schools it might be of intrest i used Wordpress open source blogging tool to create it. You can use wordpress for your school magazine too... I am working on making the theme more official and will release it as open source.. As for know i just donĀ“t seem to have the time for webcast academy. I could be a passive member but as it is i cannot spare time to be active. I need to focus on earning money for my family... I hope you understand... Yours Bengt


Good luck Bengt

SusNy, DK Like you I need to slow down, and speed up pro life and work. Posted my message over at Niels's comments, perhaps better do so in my own blog. Yes i will. So long for now, hope to meet you again soon Sus

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