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Eurozone meeting

Niels and I have been in contact and confirm that there will be a Eurozone meeting tomorrow at GMT 16:00 i.e. 17:00 Western European Time (my part of Germany , anyway). PLEASE NOTE: We are WINDOWS people, not MAC. Neils will be joining us a little later than the start time (He will be at a conference in Bergen and not at home in Oslo) so I will look after the meeting. Assuming that we shall continue to be a very small group, I will set up a conference i.e. a Skype conference from my Skype account OSNACANTAB. PHONE ME ON SKYPE FROM 16:00 GMT if you want to take part. The main item on the agenda is: Using UNYTE to monitor and share and use as a tool for helping others to - for example - stream. *** You will need to download this Skype supported program to take part: We may also go off together to WEBHUDDLE if we decide that would be helpful. Hope to be talking and writing to you tomorrow, Dennis

event | by Dr. Radut