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Removing and replacing battery seems to have resolved "sound issues" on my Dell Latitude D800

Wanted to share my experience of this afternoon regarding "audio issues" with my Dell Latitude D800 laptop. Out of nowhere I began having trouble with the sound on my laptop. The internal speakers weren't producing any sound -- no start-up/shut-down for Windows, or anything else -- and plugging in headphones led "white noise" but even that was extremely faint.

I went into the audio settings and everything seemed as it should be. Control Panel > System > Device Manager also indicated that everything was working as it should, although I still was unable to get any sound out of the machine.

I then tried playing an MP3 and could only get the faintest sound coming through the headphones. This faint sound was also very garbled.

I called Dell support and downloaded and installed a new driver for the soundcard. This didn't do much -- the sounds produced were slightly louder, but still very muddled.

The next step--according to my friendly neighbourhood Dell Tech Support rep--was to yank the mother/daughter card out of the back of the laptop. This procedure requires removing the battery. I'm "on the road" at present and I don't have a phillips screwdriver with me, so I wasn't able to get the cover off to remove the card. As it turns out, removing the battery seemed to do the trick.

Previous reboots had no positive effect on the situation--even with an updated driver--but all seems to working again following a reboot--once the internal battery had been removed and replaced. This was a surprise to me--and to individual I was on the phone with from Dell--but I thought I'd post it here as something to try if you're having "sound issues" on a Dell laptop.

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