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Finding a Metaphor for Success

This blog is an extension of some of the ideas discussed in today's' skype conference...The webcast academy already has several metaphors currently in use.  One is the 'academy' and the other is 'bridges'.  A third general metaphor is 'community'.  In a way having three 'identities' can be a little confusing.  A new visual model would serve as the hanger for new ideas. By visual I am mean image based as opposed to text based.  To me text is auditory, it's just an internal dialogue.  A site needs to have a strong metaphor and graphical interface if it's going to build a community image in the users mind.  Users need to construct a mental model of the community. They need to define their role as well as the roles of others. They must be able to find their way around the community easily, unless the goal is to create a maze and reward only those who can figure it out.It's like browsing a multidimensional universe.

I like what I've been hearing about avatars and identities.  Perhaps they could play a role in defining the players in this community.  There needs to be something even more personal than voice to connect people.  Many of the entrepreneurs in this project are very skilled technically or just plain smart! The problem is It's hard to know who you all are.  There is so much reading and listening to do it took me forever to realize that Dave and Doug were key players in this organization (sorry).  I just couldn't attach the names to anything meaningful at the time. I was just overwhelmed and could only really tune in to Jeff.  The more podcast listening I do and the more chats and skypecast I attend the more the people and concepts become real to me. What could be done to ease the entry into this very exciting place?  I think this topic is well worth considering and discussing further.  Perhaps I can host my first webcast before the end of December on this topic.  Any takers?

So, is the Webcast Academy an academy?  Is it a bridge to learning or is it an international community?  If it's an academy who are the teachers?  If it's a bridge where does the bridge lead?  If it's an international community what holds it together?  Is it education?  You may not want this big idea to be confined to a box but I suggest it is given form and substance using more of a mind mapping approach with a firm mental model.  What should it look like?

Kathy Shields, Kindergarten

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Mazes - or Paths

I agree with Kathy. I spend most of my daylight (and a lot of the dark) hours on my computer. I have found Webcast Academy to be filled with fantastic intelligent people. But, I have also found it to be rather chaotic. Perhaps it is just because I am usually tired when I get to login. But, the way community was described here is what I need. Sharon

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