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Insider's Analysis: Webcast Academy as a Learning Community

I have posted about the recent reaction paper I had to submit for my Masters course, which examines the Academy as an online learning community, over at EducationBridges.  Please note that I feel this barely covers the wide range of issues I looked at when researching for the paper.  I had to cut back quite a lot to keep within the assigned word limit.


Look forward to hearing more

Brad--thanks for posting your paper. I can certainly relate to the notion of it "hanging over your head" you mention in the elgg post. I look forward to having you on a Brainstorm (you available this week?) one week to discuss it and expand upon the points you've made. Good job and and a great read--especially for members of the community with their "insiders" view.

EdTech Brainstorm - more on our learning community

Hey Doug, I should be around on Friday - will make sure I dig out some of my notes to refer to.

Very helpful

I enjoyed reading your paper. Although brief, it was just enough for someone like me who is just begining to wrap my brain around being part of a learning community. I think it would be useful to include reading this paper as one of the requirement for interns. The section containing the charateristics of a learning community does a good job demonstrating WA's success as a community. Thanks for the clarification.

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