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Jeff, Doug, Dave?

How do I book the sandbox to practice the streaming set up? I went to the schedule and it didn't look too full but I was unable to sign up. If you are all busy with Holiday preparations I could do my test on January 2nd or 3rd any time during the day because I have off work. Please let me know how to proceed. Thanks. Kathy Shields


Playing in the Sandbox

Hi Kathy, You can play in the sandbox anytime you like - you don't need any 'veterans' to facilitate. If you don't have sandbox access info already, feel free to skype any of the other 1.3 interns or oldtimers who've been hanging around. Once you have access, you can give anyone a call (including skype lady) to give things a shot in the sandbox.

Thank you Plato

I appreciate the info. I don't have the access code yet and plan to pounce on the next 1.3 intern I find on skype!

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