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Can you say Simplecast?

I can and I did! Yes, when push came to shove I managed to create a stream using Simplecast and it really worked. As it turns out my stream wasn't needed but the fact that I actually produced a working stream made me feel so relieved. Relieved, mystery solved. Guess how I did it? When Jen Wagner suggested I try because our very own Cheryl Oakes of the WOW2 webcast, was temporarily off the radar with a bad connection, I pulled up Jeff's screencast and let him walk me through it. It took about 8 minutes to get it going and at the same time Lee who had also been on the job created a stream from the edu bridges site. My stream was produced through the webacademy sandbox so it wasn't ideal. Despite the fact that I wasn't needed after all, it was a personal achievement and I was elated. Now I really can be a backup for Cheryl if she needs me. I also used my school's edirol to make the recording. It came in a little low but with the normalize function in Audacity the sound was fine. I plan to put together a few questions based on this experience to make sure it's all crystal clear to me. The strongest motivation for me to succeed was having a real purpose. Being needed and feeling somehow useful, instrumental is a real motivator. It makes me think abut my own students and how I can get them to really rise to their highest potential by providing authentic motivation. Cheryl if you read this, I hope we can chat at some point how I might be helpful in backing you up in the future. Jeff, a screencast is the next best thing to being there! Thanks for your help.


Yahoo! You are my hero!

Cheryl Oakes

You bet I am reading this. I searching this morning for your comments. Then I went to Technorati and found this entry. I am so proud of you. It is a relief when you , when I , finally was able to make a successful stream! There are so many variables in this process, that I am not stressed out because of that. Last night , my plan is try the stream, skype, nicecast about 30 min. prior to the show, everything was working great, then at 8:58, I lost my Internet connection! Gone, I sat, looking at blinking green lights, but NOTHING going to the Internet. However, I called a great friend, Deb Barrows, she went to the chat room and left a message and then finally 20 min. later when the Internet came back up, the whole skype, nicecast and stream were all taken care of. Thanks to great friends, Kathy, Lee and worldbridges. So, Thanks and yes, we will chat!



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