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Deep probing questions for the experts and future plans

In order to complete my internship I must produce three webcasts correct? I have one in the works for this month but the date has yet to be set in stone. I have a plan for a second meeting which will be a forum for the educators from different states who have agreed to work collaboratively with teachers at my school this semester. They don't know about this meeting just yet! The final show, well that remains a mystery. I just know an idea will wander into sight and I'll snare it for the final show. Final is a strong word but without a team I don't think I could keep this up on my own. I think I'll be happy playing backup for wow2 and that's important. I will also be happy to help other new interns. Now for the clarification I seek: Channel Access When I determine the date(s) for my webcast how do I book the time? How do I access Channels 1 & 2 for the actual webcast? How do I access the shoutcast screen? I don't have the user name and pw and mine don't work. Simplecast I ran simplecast and recorded externally but I had also set simplecast to record a backup. My external recording was intact, my simplecast recording only picked up my input. Which settings do you think I had wrong and how should I remedy this problem? Credits Is there a mini script of acknowledgements thanking webcast etc that can be a standard read at the beginning and end of each show? Skype After I have the stream going exactly what should I do next? Should I make Skype calls to each of my guests and fellow hosts? Should I open the Skypecast? In other words is the which comes first the Skype conference call or the Skypecast and can they run simultaneously? These are some of the questions that concern me and my ability to pull off my first webcast. Answers to these and of course the questions I posted earlier would help me on my road to completing my internship.


answers to some questions

Cheryl Oakes


This is how I"ve started the shows, so far.

I start about 30 min. prior.

Usually I close everything, and restart my computer.

Start SKYPE to try out and set up preferences in SKYPE.

Then I check preferences on my laptop/SOUND mainly.

Then I close SKYPE .

Open Nicecast(like simplecast)

I set up my mic/SKYPE as the program, get ready to archive and check for hijacking.

If I am using skypecast I hold on that until last.

Then I open Skype again, find someone to call, I want to host the SKPYE and the SKYPEcast so I have control over the mute buttons.

Once I connect to SKYPE, then I go back to Nicecast and start broadcast.

I won't give you all the settings, I think Jeff and Dave should be the ones to hand those out.

Once I connect with the co hosts, and any guests, do a sound check, then I turn on my itunes and do a check for the stream.

Once I determine the stream is operating, I make sure I am archiving, and that I am hijacking both sides of the conversation.

I ask people in the worldbridges chat if they can hear the stream, usually you get great feedback from those folks.

Then I take a deep breath and proceed.

I just followed Susan Etteheim's lead and thanks to Jeff, Dave, worldbridges and edtechtalk. We can chat this Tues. Thanks so much,



my email is


answer to some questions

Cheryl Oakes

Kathy, find a small group to practice with, that is the most helpful before you go live. However, since yo u jumped in a saved me during the WoW2 last week, you are ready to go. I could jump in with you, but I am a mac person, so my answers may not be as helpful.

Thanks again.



Thanks Cheryl

Today I will sit in on the skypecast. It should cover myver my 'deep probing questions'. I plan to take notes! Some of my concerns are not platform related as much as they are order of operations. For example, what are the steps you take to get ready? Do you get your stream running then call your hosts on Skype? Do you get the stream running then set up a Skypecast? Or, do you do both? If both which do you do first? How do you know who to thank at the beginning/end of the show etc...I hope I can get these answers today so I will feel confident to proceed as backup as needed. If I am a backup I will also need the ip address, user name and pw for the edtech channels. Right now I only have sandbox access on the academy site. I would also like to trade cell#'s with you to use in the event of emergency to back up for lost skypecast or skype call. Perhaps we can do this in a side chat on Tuesday night. KDShields

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