Catch up with Wow2

Hm, it seems like I need to catch up with all the posting. Since Women of Web 2.0 post to podomatic, and I am usually just trying to get things done and on to the next thing on my list, I've neglected my webcast blog.

So here goes.When I looked back, the numbering of the shows is just a little nonsequential. So, I"ll try and get back in order and make available all the shows or links to shows here.


 Even though this says it is Week 10, really it is show number 8!

Even though this says it is Week 11, really it is show number 9!

Now I am ready to post wow2 Show 10. I'll name them shows until we /I get back on schedule, the right schedule. I guess you can see I am not the sequential one in the group. I am at the mountain so I don't have a quick enough connection to upload the latest podcast. However a HUGE Thanks to Lee Baber and Kathy Shields for  their work behind the scenes when I was bumped off the Internet last week 3 min. prior to showtime. Lee and Kathy both were able to start the stream, and record. That is what this technologist community is all about, helping one another. So, thanks and when I return to my faster connection I will finish this post. Over and Out! Cheryl Oakes


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