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Welcome Enthusiastic Webheads Interns!

Welcome to all new Webhead-webcast members! What a lively group. This session promises to be full of new adventures in webcasting. I chatted with several of you, post-show. My impression is that you all have a wide range of tech-abilities. Message for beginners - don't get discouraged. You can do it! Be sure to post your questions so community members can answer them. Message to the techies - take the lead in forming smaller study groups and share your tech tips. This is an open community, webcastacademy provides the framework and you create your own structures within the community. The people you meet in small groups may be people you'd like to webcast with in the future. Add them to your skype contact lists. Good luck to all. I hope to see you in future skypecasts and chats. kathy shields (sendkathy)


About Interns

Hello Kathy and memebers of Webcast Academy!! I'm just very curious to start and learn a lot! As I said before, I'm new to all this and well... I know we can do great things together !

I just have two questions: 1)Is our first task to record an audio file with our presentation and post it here? 2) Will we meet next Sunday?

Thanks a lot and I'm eaguer to start!

Sincerely, Aglaya

The first task

The first task is really to do some investigation using Jeff's screencast.  You can actually open the screencast window  while you take the steps Jeff describes.  It is important to follow the steps, as they are sequential.  For example, without LAME encoder, Audacity will not work so you will need to download and install both.  Just listen carefully.  Taking your own notes can be helpful too.  The instructions for posting the audio file are very clear. Once you have created the file, you will browse for it and upload it as you would any file.  There is an additional - optional step.  It involves creating the flash player download option.  It's good to know and makes the post easier to use but if this is all very stressful just hold off on that step. So in short, Listen, download, install, record then post.  You will need the VAC and a streaming program too but you can wait another week until you are comfortable recording and posting.  The VAC-audio repeater is what will enable you to capture the audio input (skypecast) for recording purposes. Having mastered recording your own input, using the audio repeater with skype will pose the most challenges. You can begin experimenting next week unless you have already mastered the first assignment-posting your bio/intro. Be sure you refer to Lee's step by step list as well. It is excellent.

Kathy Shields (sendkathy)

Check the Wednesday schedule...

I just posted an event Wednesday at 5 PM EST. Feel free to join the skypecast if it's convenient.

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