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Global Vibrants Show #7

Hello Everyone!

I'm glad to announce that last week's show when we used the new encoder aac+ was a great success. The stream was perfect, the quality was excellent and in fact, we did the show for 2 hours! Thus, we are going to have the next show (#7) this Saturday night at 10pm GMT (click HERE for global hours). Remember, that you need freeware Winamp software ( to be able to listen to us.

We are going to talk about the new service run by Skype called Skypcasts and we are going to talk about the new Skype 2.5 beta. This week, we are also going to touch upon some politics, like the situation in the Middle East and the EU-US relations toward Iran and Iraq. Like always, we are going to play a lot of good music!  

Feel free to skype us and participate. Our skype ID: globalvibrants

event | by Dr. Radut