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Alex Ragone and Arvind Grover: A Conversation about Blogging

A Conversation about Blogging: 17:00pm GMG 1:00pm EST

Arvind and I will be discussing how we started blogging, how to start your own blog, and how this can relate to your classroom or as professional development. We'll also have a discussion about conversations in the blogosphere and on the ISED-L Listserv.

We hope to see you all there as we kick off the webcastathon weekend.


Time Zone Issues

The Customizable time zones just aren't working as well as they need to, so I've configured things so that Start and End times are always in GMT. When posting, please use GMT for entering the time, but (like you did above) include info about other time zones of interest to the likely audience. is also a great site for adding a link to 'global times' so everyone can know what time something is on in their time zone. Using Firefox with the Xinha, extentsion, makes it pretty easy to to wysiwig editing. (Use 'full html' for input format when posting anything with links).

Hopefully we'll eventually have reliable customization for time zones, but for now, I think the best we can hope for is to minimize confusion.

Looking forward to your show Friday.

Time Zones Wacky

I think I remember hearing Jeff say that the time thing is still an issue. Jeff --- any progress there?

I'm just lucky I have enough fingers and can kind of count in military time:-).

the time zone on your

the time zone on your comment is my time zone, but not sure if that is because of your setting or mine.

the time zone for the show is the main issue i guess.

time zone relevance?

So I changed my time zone in my account preferences, but the show times zones still don't show up properly. For instance, our show is at 1:00EST, but it shows up above as 17:00 GMT. Is there a way to make that show up as my preferred time zone? Anyone know?

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