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Intern Meetup w/ Hosts Durff & Shields

Join a lively conversation about anything webcast related. Mrs. Durff will coordinate the Skypecast and sendkathy will stream and record the broadcast for posterity. For new interns it will be a chance to catch up and let the rest of us know hear your journey in webcasting. If you are a former intern and you'd like to pop in to offer words of encouragement with anecdotal evidence of your successes please join us. The more the merrier. Perhaps we can get some teams formed for future webcast shows. This mini SoCon is open to all who have something to contribute, even if it's just your active listening skills. The link to the Skypecast will be posted in a blog reminder Tuesday, the day of the cast. After the Intern Meetup, take a dinner break and come back for another great hour of WOW 2.

event | by Dr. Radut