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Feb. 03 Skype Conference for Team 06 GVC

I did it! On the first try too! I edited out all my fumbling and bumbling to where things got interesting in the conversation. This is a recording of a skype conference between three teachers: Shaun Creighton (Arizona), Janet Barnstable (Illinois), and Sharon Peters (me, Montréal). We meet weekly to discuss our progress and goals as our students are all team members for a web design contest with Global Virtual Classroom. This week we talked about a videoconference and chat between two sets of students which took place on Thursday using Skype. Shaun's computer lab is not equipped with skype so he and his students were not able to participate. We thought we could bring him in on his cell phone but it didn't work out. Interestingly, his principal was there to witness the disappointment of the students and is now going to try to get skype in the lab so we can all meet! It is a long conversation - close to 40 minutes. I used a logitech desktop mic and recorded with audacity. Thanks to Jeff's little screencast, all went very well!

audio | by Dr. Radut