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Teachers Teaching Teachers

How should our models of providing tech support in schools be evolving as Web 2.0 evolves? What is ideal? What is viable? What has been done and what should be done next?

Can a visionary technology plan also be a flexible plan? Can a visionary tech leader be a teacher and a successful instructional consultant to other teachers at the same time?

Share some of your experiences and then share some of your vision. How do we get started and where are we going?

Wednesday Night, 6pmPDT/9pmEDT/1amGMT 


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Awesome Topic


This is a great topic -- Thanks! I'll do my best to check in.

Alex Ragone

This is an Imporatant issue

I am looking forward to this conversation. The web 2.0 tools are awesome and full of great potential. For me the issue is to get the buy in and vision for the colleagues to participate. In my world, less than 5% of the teachers could identify RSS, blogs or even fewer what a wiki is. What are people doing to extend the conversation and sell the tools? Are there administrators and district leaders modelling this? See you then.

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