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Streamers Needed, Tech Changes, & Future Sessions

Hello Academy Interns,

   As most of you are probably aware, the Webcast Academy has been pretty dormant for the last few months. Hopefully,  that will change very soon.

WiAOC2007  Webcast

  Worldbridges is offering 'simulcasting' support to the Webheads in Action Online Convergence from May 18-20 and we need streamers to help out.  Many of the presentation will take place at other virtual venues (e.g. Elluminate, Alado, & Breeze), but because participants sometimes have problems accessing these environments, we will aim to stream  audio (and possibly yugma) as many of the events as possible.  Several of the presentations will also take place in our 'normal' webcasting style.  Originally, I had thought about making this a 'Worldbridges Webcastathon' weekend as well, but because the convergence itself is so full of presentations, we don't really have many open slots in which to feature special Worldbridges content.  That said, there are still a few open times - anyone interested in grabbing a slot and streaming a show to a truly global audience is encouraged to add their show to this schedule as soon as possible.   Additionally, we need people to help simulcast the WiAOC events. It would be great to have two simulcasters streaming to different channels (when possible), especially for some of the keynotes which are likely to be very well attended.   It's pretty simple webcasting once your system makes peace with these other environments, but that peace can be a little tricky sometimes to negotiate. I'll be simulcasting as much as I can that weekend, but my wife and I would be most grateful for any assistance. If you're available to simulcast at certain times, please add your name in the last column of the above schedule.

  Although this won't quite be a traditional Worldbridges Webcastathon (is there such a thing?),  I'm thinking this is great opportunity to broaden our audience and draw attention to upcoming content. Depending on webcaster interest, I'd love to promote a lot of special shows in the week's following the convergence - nothing as insane as a 72 hour webcastathon, but a couple weeks chock full of interesting programs. So, if you've been waiting for the right time to start your show or try something different, this is it.  Feel free to post any upcoming shows on the Webcast Academy calendar and/or discuss it during some the upcoming WiAOC Venue Tours & Rehearsal Webcasts.
  Part 1 - May 13, 1300GMT
  Part 2 - May 14,  00:00GMT   (see the site for global time links)
  Part 3 - May 15,  0100GMT
During these webcasts, we will practice streaming from these different venues, make plans for the best use of 'filler time' between sessions, and discuss possibilities for the WebcastFest in the weeks following the convergence. Among the webcasts I'd love to see happen during this time is a Webcast Academy Graduation - Woohoo!

Some Tech Changes

  We're going to make some changes to Worldbridges channel structure in order to better distribute server load and bandwidth between our two servers.  Will send more info out about that shortly, but for a sneak peek at our new Stream Status page, check out  (start streaming and refresh the page to see it 'in action').

Future Academy Sessions

   There's no set date yet for the next Webcast Academy Session and I'm not sure we even want to continue with the system we've been using.  During recent EdTechTalk webcasts, we've discussed the possibility of simply tweaking the 'how to' resources that are already there and setting up a more informal collaborative structure of some kind. Would love to hear your thoughts on how best to proceed with the Academy, and especially get a sense for what role 'veterans' are willing to  play in  helping the newbies along.  I know people are willing to help out, but how do we structure things so newbies are comfortable 'jumping in' and veterans are available when they crack their heads after repeated banging against their monitors  ... not to mention providing collaborative learning support for those interested in pursuing advanced webcasting degrees :)
I've scheduled a Webcast Academy Open House during the convergence (Sunday, May 20 1800GMT, [2pmEDT]) - hope to hear from some of you then.  In the meantime, please feel free to post any thoughts on your Academy blogs or in the forums.

Sorry to send such a lengthy note - guess I had a lot of pent up newsletter writing in me.

Hope you are all well and look forward to connecting soon,

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