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Filesize to big to attach

In the spirit of finding alternatives to to the 'skype jeff' tech support system we discussed during last night's ETT Development session, I'm answering Paul's question that came in this morning here.  This should allow the answer to live outside of our inboxes and others can chime in with other insights.

From Paul:
I'm not sure why I'm coming in at 63MB ... I can get it down to 50MB, but this is still too big.  Also since we archive these at, is there some way to attach this audio to edtechtalk without uploading the MP3?

attachment filesizes

The maximum filesize attachment is set to 48MB on server#2.  This should be enough for almost 2 hours of audio encoded at 64kbs (the preferred publishing spec).  More info about specifications at:
and  (accessible only to ETT webcasters)

Paul, your audio was 55 mins, but encoded at 160kbs.  You can change those settings in audacity by clicking
Edit/Preferences/File Formats
Mac people, please post how to change this settings in the audio programs you use.

Also, noticed that your audio was encoded as stereo (2 tracks encoded at 80kbs each). From what I've heard, for spoken word, this usually adds little to quality, but doubles filesize.  I believe it's best to encode in mono.  If any thinks or knows otherwise, please correct me.

To convert it to a smaller bitrate (in Audacity), open it, click Tracks/Stereo to Mono, change your bitrate settings in Edit/Preferences/File Formats to 64kbs, and export.

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