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Week #4 Show management skills/ Post-production and advanced audio editing


1. Post new event on calendar  --- GMT Friendly Link
2. Plan an interncast to stream on Sandbox A
3.  Mangage a live show
4.  Post production audio editing

Resources:       Recording and Editing Audio from Lee's Book of Audio




Adding incoming calls to a skype conference



Meeting Agenda Below 

  • Event Posting Guide
  • Tips for producing shows
  • Pre-show audio checks
  • Post-production audio editing
  • Skype conference hosting and management practice

Assignment:  Plan and post an interncast;  At least 10min of Skype conversation.  Post Audio and chat log with interncast. 


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Paul McLean Week 4 Assignment

I was in charge of Webcasting an all day summit put on by the SUNY Learning Network on Feb. 28th. Here is the page containing the recordings of the webcasts: I used a DesiLu style Three "Camera" system to pull this off. A video of how I did this can be found here:

Hello .... Im very

Hello .... Im very interesting in this item ... Where can I find more iformation of all this ? Thanks a lot Bye

Multiple-Camera Setup

I found this one a while back:

The Advanced User Modules are maturing in this direction too, but Paul clearly set new benchmarks. James/Eurominuteman

book | by Dr. Radut