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Cheryl Oakes


My first introduction to worldbridges and edtechtalk were from a suggestion from Bob Sprankle. I started listening and skyping in with Worldbridges and Edtechtalk in April of 2004. In November 2004, at the Christa McAullife Conference in Nashua, NH, I met Jeff Lebow. The following November 2005 I went on a 13 week sabbatical and decided to take the online Webheads in Action class. I am a Webhead class of 2006! During the summer with some gently prodding from Jeff and Dave Cormier, I took the webcast academy class. When I finished last August I had completed 2 of my intern shows and then started back at school. School took over. One day I was approached by some women to join a group called Women of Web 2.0, to give the female voice to the edublogosphere and developed a proposal for NECC 07. All this happened in the span of 36 hours. About a week later, there was a webcastathon being developed and the Women of Web 2.0 took a time slot and started a webcast. It was fun, a challenge and now we are ready for show #37! Had you told me I would be a regular webcaster a year ago I would have laughed. But, the professional development it has afforded me is tremendous. Try out webcasting, find your niche, it is a wonderful community and I thank all the webcasters and the listening community for their support!

Finally, it was amazing to broadcast live from NECC 2007, I really thought that it would be the Women of Web 2.0, sitting at a cafe table with 5 people in the audience watching us. When we had an entourage file in the conference center with us to watch, and with a few technical difficulties, Dave Cormier to the rescue, we went live, and then had another dozen people file in. It was great, over 30 people live watching us, taking photos, giggling, oh, that was the Women of Web giggling, it was a wonderful experience.

I know I am repeating myself, but I lost half of my post, so bear with me. If you had told me one year ago when I was taking the webcast academy that I would be working on my 37th show I would have laughed out loud. Never say never, is what I say now. I use an intel imac, nicecast, a simple logitech microphone and my ipod headphones. My screen although it is 17 inches, is not big enough to watch all the windows I need to view. I love skype, I am challenged by skypecast, I can wiki, blog, and stream all at the same time.


You will love the webcast academy. I used to have tons of butterflies before I began webcasting. Now, while I still have a few butterflies, I know there is a whole supportive community out there who will come to my rescue. Have fun webcasting, and you too could have your own show.

Over and Out! Cheryl Oakes, WoW2.0

Thanks to Jen Wagner, Sharon Peters and Vicki Davis for working with me to create wonderful resources for educators. Thanks to Jeff Lebow, knight in shining armor. Thanks to Dave Cormier for always showing up in a time of need. Thanks to Doug Symington for encouraging me and giving me the courage to buckle up my seatbelt and always wear my goggles when trying something new!

I wish I had dated this, but it sounds like it was written August 2007. Here is is August 2008, and another milestone. The Women of Web 2.0 hit show number 85, webcasted Live at NECC08, Sharon Peters spent the summer in Africa, Vicki Davis has moved on to more Flat Classroom projects and Jen Wagner has expanded her classroom online projects. Stay tuned for more Women of Web 2.0 news. Many changes were in the winds for me. I really felt like we had accomplished our goal of presenting at NECC07, providing a voice for women in the blogosphere and as a webcasting community. However, as successful as WOW2.0 is and has become and will continue to be, it is time for me to focus my energies locally in my school district, my region and back to my original podcast SEEDLINGS with Bob Sprankle and Alice Barr. So, the reasons for my gradcast. Alice and I took the class of 2.2 together. We are ready to graduate. Susan Ettenheim and I, co-taught Webcast Academy last summer 2007 and had a tremendous experience. Now all 3 of us are planning a graduation, tonight as a matter of fact. August 11, 2008. Alice and I will graduate and begin SEEDLINGS@BitbyBit and SEEDLINGS@Edtechtalk!! We will show up consistently on Thursday evenings 3 times a month, at 19:30 to 20:30 GMT, sandwiching Lisa Parisi's show Teachers Talking. We are pretty excited!

So, for now off to prepare the graduation ceremony. Hope to see you there.


Webcast Report (Interncast #1): 

One of the first shows.

I like this show because, it was a show where I was in Wells, ME, and Sharon Peters, Vicki Davis and Jen Wagner were all in Atlanta at the Georgia State Conference.

Webcast Report (Interncast #2): 

The next show I chose was week 7,  with Sheryl Nessbaum-Beach and David Warlick. This show for me was an eye opener that we, the Women of Web 2.0, were actually a credible bunch of women, interviewing and responding to some high profile bloggers in the edubloggersphere.

Webcast Report (Interncast #3): 

This show was my graduation assignment that I recorded last September 2007. I am so glad that Lee Baber joined me for this show. In light of Lee's passing I am honored to share a bit of Lee's life recorded. I know Lee will be at my graduation, strumming her banjo and providing the guiding light we all admired her for. Lee here is a tribute to you. You helped me graduate.


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Feedback Cheryl Webcaster Porfolio

Intro: ^^^ great introduction and reasons why you are webcasting

Interncasts ^^^ WOW2.0 rock. Live from NECC2007 was a treat and great example of streaming remotely from a conference.

Set-up = ? I would recommend that you upload a screencast giving us a view on how you set up for streaming. Jing would be great.

and future plans: Looking forward to Seelings podcast. Webcasting will add a whole new dimension to an already great show.

Jose Rodriguez, Co-Facilitator Webcast Academy Session 2.3; It's Elementary Webcast

Kind words!

Thanks Jose, Hey, maybe I will do a jing about how the setup looks. It might fit under the comedy hour category!!! Will be fun.

Cheryl Oakes

Webhead 2006, Collaborative Content Coach for Technology K-12, Wells Ogunquit CSD 

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