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Webcast Academy Live Video

When first loading this page, you will probably be asked if you want to install a plug-in.
Please answer 'yes' and allow a minute or two for the plug-in to load.
Mozilla based broswers like Firefox, you can install the plugin here
Viewing Method #1
(easier, but not as reliable)

Volume and other settings can be controlled by RIGHT clicking on the video.
When the stream is offline, you will see an image like this.

This will only work on Windows Operating Systems. Mac users, please try Method#2.
If after a minute or two, nothing loads, first try reloading and then please try Viewing Method#2.

Viewing Method #2
(a bit more complex, but more reliable and sometimes better quality)
Download Winamp, click 'control L' or Right Click on the main window, click Play/Location and enter this exact URL;stream.nsv



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