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Live and Interactive Webcasting

Many of you have come to Webcast Academy because of your interest in learning how to use new tools.  For those that participated in our meetings this past Sunday, October 14th you saw webcasting in action.  We had an text chatroom, a live stream, and a skype conference.  Being able to participate in these environments is the first step in learning how to webcast.  So, for those of you that are new to all of this; I invite you to participate in webcasts offered here at the Webcast Academy.  You'll see event schedule on block on right side of Main Page.  I would also invite you to participate in the Webcasts at Edtechtalk  Well of enough of that for now, catch y'all live soon.  

Jose Rodriguez, 3rd Grade Teacher and Adult ESL  It's Elementary Webcast

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by Dr. Radut