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Henry Anker

LAUSD Technology Showcase

This was a Webcast hosted by LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) in an Elluminate Session. I simulcasted on Webcast Academy Sandbox A.  My co-hosts for this event were Henry Anker and Mathew Needleman.  Henry talked about the development of Mr. Anker's tests. He walked us through a couple of his flash programs in math and in reading comprehension.  We had a great discussion on how teachers use these web based programs for practicing of skills and review on learning standards.  Mathew talked about his work as webmaster of Videos in the Classroom and Open Court Resources Sites. How he has used digital media to give his students access to learning success.  He talked about the correlation between using these tools for learning and production of content by students and the ongoing debate on the digital divide.  I talked about the Web 2.0 classroom.  The different tools available to us. I talked about my plans for 2007-08 and making connections with other classrooms.  Our conversation continued as Martha Valencia spoke about professional development opportunities in the UPDATE program.  We had discussion about other tech happenings in LAUSD.  

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