Despite several computer glitches and other related technical challenges, all participants declared that the show was a huge success.

Here is the edited version submitted for your perusal and listening pleasure...Enjoy!!

Please click here for my Webcast Portfolio.  My chatlog is below.

Ustream links:  Gradcast  and Pictures

Music:  Rafiq Khan - Although We Hail from Different Lands

            Greg Houwer - Make My Day

In no particular order, here is a list of the various conversations held in various chatrooms:

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[2:07:54 PM] Floyd Lambert : problem
[2:08:06 PM] Clayton lambert: ok
[2:08:08 PM] Floyd Lambert : i'm editing the file for the Academy
[2:08:34 PM] Floyd Lambert : when I post the edited version I will send out the link to everyone
[2:08:52 PM] Clayton lambert: Ok thats good
[2:08:57 PM] Floyd Lambert : yes
[2:09:34 PM] Floyd Lambert : Thanks again...nice to hear from you..much appreciated.
[2:10:38 PM] Clayton lambert: I stayed at home then I went home cos we had some problems wit out access points at my work place
[2:10:53 PM] Clayton lambert: So I went out after 1 pm
[2:11:06 PM] Floyd Lambert : no problem...I still appreciate your effort
[2:11:48 PM] Clayton lambert: Anytime
[2:31:39 PM] Spuddy: congratulations on your achievement
[2:33:21 PM] Spuddy: all the best in your future endeavors
[2:34:21 PM] Floyd Lambert : Thank you for your kind words and your support during this journey.


[12:06:34 PM] Clayton lambert: IM still lost sorry ppl.
[12:07:04 PM] Carmo: she is wrapping it up
[3:38:36 PM] Myrl Lambert-Blair: Hi Floyd: Congratulations on your maiden achievement of "Web-casting", you have set your goals; I was very confident that your success was forthcoming, because of your personality of strength and determination, despite of a few adversities on your journey you continued to pursue and took whatever form of resources that were required to fulfill your aspirations in this field.
[3:45:35 PM] Myrl Lambert-Blair: I know that this is the start of a new horizon for you; also because of you ability this is just a tip from the ice burg of you future career of "Webcasting"
[3:50:52 PM] Myrl Lambert-Blair: Finally !Thanks for being a part of your journey; because it has enhanced my computer knowledge.
[3:51:59 PM] Floyd Lambert: you're welcome

[11:24:18 AM] Clayton lambert: Hi good day!
[11:24:24 AM] Floyd Lambert: hi
[11:24:54 AM] Clayton lambert: I how things workin out for u today?
[11:29:11 AM] *** Conference call, duration 20:21 ***
[11:29:36 AM] Artel Brumel: no mic
[11:30:54 AM] Carmo: i cant hear
[11:31:07 AM] Artel Brumel: i got disconnected
[11:39:59 AM] Carmo: how do i go to the next step
[11:40:18 AM] Carmo: i can' t hear anything
[11:40:30 AM] Clayton lambert: Me too
[11:50:17 AM] Carmo: i can't hear
[11:55:34 AM] Artel Brumel: signing off have to go to work
[12:44:55 PM] Floyd Lambert: hi guys...had some technical difficulties
[12:45:09 PM] Floyd Lambert: i will post the links sometime this morning for you
[1:34:16 PM] Floyd Lambert:
[1:35:02 PM] Floyd Lambert:
[1:35:37 PM] Floyd Lambert:
[1:36:28 PM] Floyd Lambert:
[2:32:25 PM] Floyd Lambert:
[2:33:01 PM] Floyd Lambert:

[1:04:57 PM] dereknorthrup: SUP LIZ?! I heard your gradcast, it was awesome! sorry I didnt get to join it live, we'll get this goin soon. talk to you soon.
[1:05:33 PM] Floyd Lambert: i kept losing my guests
[1:05:35 PM] Floyd Lambert: lol
[1:06:05 PM] Derek Northrup: Oh dang your online now?
[1:06:06 PM] Floyd Lambert: did you listen to it on Ustream?
[1:06:12 PM] Derek Northrup: Yeah I am right now
[1:06:30 PM] Floyd Lambert: the recorded version is on ustream
[1:06:44 PM] Derek Northrup: i know, i mean youre online with skype lol
[1:06:54 PM] Floyd Lambert: :)
[1:06:58 PM] Derek Northrup: :P
[1:07:40 PM] Floyd Lambert: I'm happy that you have supported me
[1:07:59 PM] Floyd Lambert: where did you listen?
[1:08:19 PM] Derek Northrup: Its all good, Ive been checking out the Ustream
[1:08:35 PM] Derek Northrup: watched some of them yesterday
[1:08:44 PM] Derek Northrup: But still listening to the gradcast
[1:09:05 PM] Floyd Lambert: might have to skip the parts with the pauses
[1:09:25 PM] Derek Northrup: How long is it?
[1:09:35 PM] Floyd Lambert: very long
[1:09:35 PM] Derek Northrup: Im 15 minutes into it
[1:09:37 PM] Derek Northrup: lol
[1:10:02 PM] Derek Northrup: You sound different
[1:10:09 PM] Floyd Lambert: :)
[1:10:49 PM] Floyd Lambert: I tried to add a couple of callers and that kind of changed thngs
[1:12:33 PM] Floyd Lambert: the last 15 mins was pretty enjoyable.
[1:13:27 PM] Derek Northrup: So do you wanna be just an internet radio person? or would you want to get on the FM?
[1:14:05 PM] Floyd Lambert: tough question to answer
[1:14:18 PM] Floyd Lambert: i want to try a variety of things
[1:14:58 PM] Floyd Lambert: right now on my agenda is to stream a live concert
[1:17:38 PM] Floyd Lambert: Floyd Lambert has shared contact details with Derek Northrup.
[1:20:20 PM] Derek Northrup: thats cool
[1:20:28 PM] Floyd Lambert: yep
[1:20:38 PM] Derek Northrup: What kinda music?
[1:20:47 PM] Floyd Lambert: variety
[1:21:24 PM] Floyd Lambert: it will have both music and dances
[1:22:00 PM] Floyd Lambert: music: - pop, rock, reggae, calypso... etc
[1:22:11 PM] Floyd Lambert: karaoke also
[1:22:54 PM] Floyd Lambert: dances - folk, group dances, Indian dances, Michael Jackson, West Indian and more
[1:22:56 PM] Derek Northrup: That would be cool. You could get with a club and get clearance to record and broadcast their music, karaoke would be great
[1:23:02 PM] Floyd Lambert: yes
[1:23:21 PM] Derek Northrup: LOL funny how Jackson is ust thrown in the middle of there
[1:23:47 PM] Floyd Lambert: I have a little 5 year nephew would steal your heart
[1:23:56 PM] Derek Northrup: oh yeah?
[1:24:03 PM] Floyd Lambert: he does it so well...we stop just to watch him
[1:24:05 PM] Floyd Lambert: :)
[1:24:23 PM] Derek Northrup: :D
[1:24:28 PM] Floyd Lambert: yes
[1:24:28 PM] Derek Northrup: thats cool
[1:24:48 PM] Floyd Lambert: I'm going to post a special show with little snippets
[1:25:01 PM] Floyd Lambert: probably sometime next month
[1:25:19 PM] Derek Northrup: So ya gonna do a christmas special? lol
[1:25:28 PM] Floyd Lambert: no
[1:25:31 PM] Derek Northrup: oh come on
[1:25:37 PM] Derek Northrup: why not?
[1:25:48 PM] Floyd Lambert: I want to do a tech show with you
[1:25:55 PM] Derek Northrup: tech show?
[1:26:19 PM] Floyd Lambert: I'm thinking we could talk about the iphone, droid...etc
[1:26:26 PM] Derek Northrup: hell yeah
[1:26:27 PM] Floyd Lambert: show their strengths and weaknesses
[1:26:38 PM] Floyd Lambert: and more
[1:27:29 PM] Derek Northrup: Im totally down for that. You let me know, and I will make sure to be a part of that show :)
[1:27:44 PM] Floyd Lambert: yes
[1:27:45 PM] Derek Northrup: But I gotta get goin, the son is being crazy.
[1:27:55 PM] Floyd Lambert: thanks much
[1:27:58 PM] Derek Northrup: np dear
[1:28:00 PM] Floyd Lambert: pleasant surprise
[1:29:27 PM] Floyd Lambert: Floyd Lambert has shared contact details with Derek Northrup.
[11:09:48 AM] Clayton lambert: Hi how is the day goin so far hope good
[5:03:39 PM] Floyd Lambert: hello
[5:04:05 PM] Clayton lambert: HI
[5:04:32 PM] Floyd Lambert: i was having trouble with the call
[5:04:47 PM] Floyd Lambert: every time I tried to add people they fell off
[5:04:59 PM] Floyd Lambert: I was hoping to get someone to take that responsibility
[5:05:08 PM] Floyd Lambert: they were all so busy
[5:05:29 PM] Clayton lambert: I realized that
[5:05:45 PM] Clayton lambert: I was getting problems hearing
[5:28:10 PM] Clayton lambert: Those numbers I see in the group call if I call them on Skype here would the ring ur landline?
[8:17:30 PM] glynlmbrt: hi floy congratulations on your latest achievements wish you more success in the future
[8:17:54 PM] Floyd Lambert: thanku
[8:18:19 PM] Floyd Lambert: much appreciated...thanks for your untiring support.



Hi Floyd I WAS NOT AT HOME LAST NITE , SO i am now making my comments I wish you all the best in your endeavour keep it up congrats.