Show Notes:   - Interncast #3

Due to my speaker not being muted, and another pc running the Ustream channel in the same room, there was some amount of feedback. 

The Theme of this  Interncast could best be described as “Music Fever.”

Today’s team was star-studded.  We had David Terhune, aka “King of the Lounge” who is a Musician and Writer.  He mainly plays for  Bootfoot and the Loser’s Lounge.  Our next guest was Dexter Daly, a Recording Artist – Love Connection Band, and Eslyn Lambert former member of the Guyana Police Mixed Voice Choir.

The event proved to be a musical melting pot.  Our guests represented various genres:  pop, rock, country, electronic, instrumental, R&B, folk, dance, soul, steel pan, reggae, Christmas and religious music.  Among the numerous instruments they have played – drums, guitar, percussion, mandolin, keyboard, base, harmonica, violin, steel pan and more.

The stars shared with us their backgrounds and highlights of their musical careers.  This was very stimulating indeed:

David took us on a trip down memory lane when he described his career. He described himself as having “music in his brain and blood.” 

Dexter talked about his many tours and his experience with the copyright issue.  He also spoke about the low returns on investment – a problem many musicians face.

 Eslyn shared with us her experience in the Choir.  Choir members sacrificed their free time and volunteered to use their talent to cheer, console and entertain people across a wide social and cultural spectrum.  She also recounted her her best and worst moments.

Among other things, we considered some of the problems facing the music industry such as finance, listenership and copyright issues.  Together, in a brainstorming session, we came up with proposed solutions such as artists creating their own content, utilizing services such as Facebook, Youtube, Myspace and seeking out other venues to play.

My favorite part of the show was the live entertainment provided by David who sang a Christmas song and “Your Name Backwards” – his own composition.  Dexter also sang-much to the delight of those present.  He did Billy Ocean’s “Suddenly.”

David also shared with us his experience as a writer - links to his writings below.

(He gives commentary on a number of topical issues including politics).

Because of his passion for politics, he was asked if he would consider a run for political office – Congressman, Senator or even President.

A serious debate ensued as we explored the pros and cons of David running for a political office.

Overall, the show proved to be very lively and entertaining.


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Some Items mentioned in the show:

Youtube                                            XTC – Andy Partridge

Facebook                                         Loser’s Lounge

Hi5                                                    Bootfoot      

Itunes                                               Barbes                                   Love Connection Band      

Confidential Recordings                 Wine and Roses Bar

The Talking Heads                          In Search of a Star (Guyana Broadcasting Corp)

CGBG                                              Guyana Police Mixed Voice Choir


NY1                                                    Joe’s Pub




Music used : Shameeka and Forever and After by David Terhune