Liz Lambert

Happy to be onboard.  Submitted for your comments.



Hello Liz,

Good to have you here and see you taking the first steps. Audio specifications are good, but there's definitely an echo. Any chance you had your speakers on while recording? If not that, any ideas about what might have caused the echo?


Hi Jeff,

I'm still trying to resolve the echo issue.   I think that it was caused by my Microsoft Usb headset without separate jacks.  I noticed that my voice came in at an acceptable level but with an echo.

When I used my Plantronics .Audio 470 USB Headset - Over-the-head, (with separate jacks) there was no echo, but my voice level was very low in Audacity - hardly audible.  Strangely enough, I used that same headset  (Plantronics) to do some tests on Ustream and all the videos were loud and clear.

I ordered the Premium Notebook Headset as recommended in your notes. Hope this resolves both the audio level and echo issues. I'm also going to check the speakers.

 If you think some screenshots would better highlight the problem please let me know.  I welcome any further suggestions.