Doug Symington

Hello all,

Welcome to the beginnning of the "formal" classes for Webcastacademy for the English-language version of the Class of 3.1.1

I've been involved with WCA for a little over 2 years and have worked with a number of interns beginning with the class of 1.1. I'm really looking forward to learning with the class of 3.1.1 and can't wait to meet each of you.


Had hoped to add an audio comment to my own blog post, but not able to get interface to recognize mic and cam at present. Wizard says it sees mic, but not cam, but not able to make either work right now. Hope to have audio up shortly from desktop.

Doug Symington Community Animator and intern-webcaster-in-training

Thanks for being here and sharing your knowledge. There is a lot to learn and I appreciate having assistance.
Colette Cassinelli