Problem: White blobs for avatars in SL

When I joined our webcast academy group on Second Life this afternoon I experienced something really strange--white blobs in place of some of the avatars (but not all). Has anyone ever had this happen? Any ideas what might be causing the problem? Would love any tips you can provide. I'm a real newbie to SL so it may just be "operator error." Thanks.

Peggy (Greatnews Anatine)

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Saw something reported about this in the Linden Labs Status page at:

Many residents have reported that their clothing are not loading and they are seeing others as white clouds. There are also some other issues such as some regions down, inventory not loading and search not working. We are aware of these problems and are working to fix these issues as soon as possible.

So I guess the answer is there's a glitch in SL that is supposedly fixed, but apparently not.

Thanks a lot for the link and info, plato. :-) I'm glad to know that it wasn't just me! I noticed the last time I was on that it happened again when I first logged in but then when we teleported to another location, all of the avatars appeared and the white blobs disappeared. Maybe it's getting worked out. I appreciate your response.

SL only changed the process mode of how avatars materialize, I think.
There is no operator or computer error on your part.

Thanks a lot for your reply, James. It's very reassuring to know it's not something I'm doing wrong. I don't have much confidence in SL yet.