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Linux for Webcasting

Please find attached tutorial file for using webcastacademy on linux OS. I have tried to write it here, but for no reason it won't allow me copy paste the whole tutorial so i am attaching the file with this post. Hope it would be helpful for interns with linux as OS

Problem: White blobs for avatars in SL

When I joined our webcast academy group on Second Life this afternoon I experienced something really strange--white blobs in place of some of the avatars (but not all). Has anyone ever had this happen? Any ideas what might be causing the problem? Would love any tips you can provide. I'm a real newbie to SL so it may just be "operator error." Thanks.

Peggy (Greatnews Anatine)

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Adventures through webcasting - Carlos F

I've joined in three weeks and four days ago... Coming here every night seems a habit, allmost an addiction, although I firmly believe it is a healthy one... Back to when I started, I was eager to learn always having in mind how could I take all of this into my lessons...

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Telephony Call recording

I was having problems and wanted to go back to the beginning. I tried recording both sides of a telephony and could not get the Skype lady to come through. I restarted my laptop, launched the programs and it worked just fine. Heading back to ustream to see if I can get those settings to work to stream.

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Hey all,


          My name is Minhaaj ur Rehman and i am an educator from Pakistan. I have done MBA in Human Resource Management and Bachelors in English Literature. I have been teaching for about 4 years now. I have switched careers from working in fortune 500 companies to teaching, because it is the only job i've ever loved doing :)

For further information about me, you could google my name or you can view my resume at:

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Setting Preferences - Unraveling the Mystery of Recording a Two-Way Skype Call

After watching the screencast (several times) and downloading Hijacker Pro onto my Mac, I carefully set out to select all of the correct preferences. i am recording them here as a reference for my next try at this.

System  Preferences (Output USB headset/ Input Internal microphone Built in)

Skype Preferences (Output - Built-in Internal speakers  /  Input - USB Headset)

Hijacker Pro Preferences ( Output - Built-in Speakers / Input - USB Headset)

A quick tweet to Lisa Durff and I was ready to chat via Skype.

Out of the Starting Gate

I was so looking forward to joining Webcast Academy to connect with others and learn about webcasting.  Then just as I see that class 3.1 is about to begin, I head out on vacation.  Now, that wouldn't be so bad- took two laptops with me, but I found that the beauty of the Canadian Rockies was not blessed with readily available internet connections.  So, here I am- late out of the starting gate, but eager to catch up.


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