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Help request for recording both end of a telephony call

Hi folks! I need recording both ends of a telephony call. I recorded tons of tries and saved 2 recordings in audacity. I had to turn the input and output volume WAY down in audacity and you can hear some static and the audio is rather soft. That is the only way I could record without echoes.


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Recording and webcasting - Carlos F's adventures through webcasting

Well, I've been doing my best. I wasn't and still am not very acquainted with these technologies bits. The terms (buffer, bits.etc...) still confuses me a bit. I am very eager to learn all of this as I find it very interesting. Audacity seems an excellent program, although some of its fonctionalities still causes me problem. In one of the live sessions someone said that you have to "play around" with the tool. That's so very true...

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Reflections on Introduction assignment

Besides reading through the introduction materials and learning how to set up Audacity and Skype, our first assignment was to record a one-minute audio introduction. The purpose of this assignment was not so much what we said, but to practice using the software, exporting it correctly, applying the ID3 tags and naming conventions.

Scorbal says, "Hello World"

I noticed that a blog entry was listed as an optional task for the first week. I've just completed recording, editing and posting my self-introduction. It's taking me some time to become comfortable with the interface of this Content Management System (CMS). Already, I notice that there is a great deal of flexibility and power built into the CMS/website.

I'm looking forward to learning how to harness that power and potential.

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Doug Symington

Hello all,

Welcome to the beginnning of the "formal" classes for Webcastacademy for the English-language version of the Class of 3.1.1

I've been involved with WCA for a little over 2 years and have worked with a number of interns beginning with the class of 1.1. I'm really looking forward to learning with the class of 3.1.1 and can't wait to meet each of you.


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