'Basic Webcasting' Program

 The Basic Webcasting  Program 

For all those interested in participating in the Academy,
please begin by taking a look at the First Step materials.  

Step 1 - Orientation & Registration

  • Read the Participation Policies and Internship Procedures in their entirety
  • Register (making sure to include enough profile information to let us know why you'd like to participate and that you're not a spambot) 

  • Post an introduction audio using the appropriate audio specifications.
  • Record  both ends of a telephony call or web conference
  • Stream a conversation so that non-participants can listen in

Step 5 - Interncasts

  • Schedule, stream, edit, & publish 3 interncasts
  • Create a Webcaster Portfolio (including webcaster setup)
  • Stream & publish your own gradcast 

Upon successful completion of the basic program requirements, interns will receive a 'Webcaster Badge' and an Academy Certificate of Webcasting Proficiency. They can then apply to join any Worldbridges community as a webcaster and/or put their webcasting skills to use anywhere else of interest.