Step#2 Recording both ends of a telephony call

Skills:   Recording both ends of a telephony call (in a way that will allow you to stream that audio). 
               Audio editing basics.

Resources:  Audacity:  We recommend the Beta Version.  1.3.4
                        Virtual Audio Cables (Windows) and Audio Hijack Pro (Mac)

Recording both ends of a telephony cal­l in Windows

Configuring Audio Specifications in Audacity

Setting Preferences in Audacity - Windows

      Recording both ends of a telephony call in Mac

Meeting Agenda  Below


  • Review of Week One
    • Text and Audio Introductions
    • Uploading Audio to Webcast Academy
    • Specs..... Specs...... Specs.......
    • Feedback left to interns
    • Intern Workshop Session
  • Recording Two-Way Audio
    • Setting up your system. 
    • Virtual Audio Cables For Windows and Audio Hijack for Mac
    • Using Audacity to record
    • Calling the Skype Lady to test or other interns
    • Check the Skype Chat for willing partners
    • Checking Audio Levels in Skype call
  • Audio Editing Basics
    • Using Audacity tools and Effects


    Record and publish a 3-5 minute telephony call with at least one other person.  Please DO NOT use one of the 3rd party applications that will not support streaming during the next step (i.e PowerGramo, HotRecorder, etc.). Windows users, you will need to get acquainted with Virtual Audio Cables.  Mac users, audio hijack or soundflower.