Step 1 - Orientation & Audio Introdution

These are the first tasks to complete if you would like to become a Webcast Academy Intern.

Task: Read the the pages linked to above, register with the site, and provide basic profile information

Collaborative Tools Used

Webcast Academy participants use a variety of tools to help uscollaborate. Whenever possible, free tools are used in order to make collaboration methods as replicable as possible.   We often experiement with new products and services, but the tools described below will likely be replaced by others over time.

Group Skype Chat - Each session will have a 'Class of x.x' skype chat with all session participants and and several session guides who will be providing assistance. The 'Webcast Academy Megachat' is a larger chat open to anyone who has participated in the Academy.   The purpose of both of these chats is to make last minute announcement of webcasts and get real time assistance with assorted webcasting challenges.  While friendly banter is part of the fun of skype group chatting, too much of it will cause some people to tune out.  After a few lines of non-webcasting related chat, please start another group chat with just those involved.  Similarly, please do NOT use the skype chats for posting links unless they are part of a larger conversation.  Use the Diigo (described below) to post links. To be added to a group chat, request so during an academy webcast or skype 'webcastacademy' and leave a voice message requesting to be added to one or both chats.
Once you're in the chat, make sure to bookmark the chat in your skype program and do not 'leave'.  If you do so, you will need ot be re-added.
Skype 3.x users, watch this screencast to see the basics of skype group chatting.
Skype 4.x users, watch this screencast

Social Bookmarking - below is information about what we've used in the past.  During planning sessions for the Class of 4.1, we will be discussing social bookmarking options.
Diigo Webcast Academy Group  Diigo is a social bookmarking site that we use to collect bookmarks.  Support material here.  Any time you come across a webcasting related website that you think would be of interest to the community, please post it here. Please do not use this for posting links to blogs, personal sites,  search pages, or other Diigo groups.

Desktop Sharing  -  This allows for live viewing of remote desktops and can be very helpful in troubleshotting webcasting challenges.  The most common tools currently used are Mikogo, Yugma, & Vyew.

Screencasting  -  Tools that allow you to record a video of your desktop.  Useful for asynchrounously providing details of webcasting challenges and solutions.  Options include:
Social Networking - currently, we don't do a lot with external social networking services, but there are always possibilities.