Workshop 2.1.2

Workshop 2.1.2
Recording a telephony conversation
January 21, 2007
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Once you've recorded and posted your introduction, your next challenge is recording a telephony conversation.  There are a variety of way to do this.

If you want to record the conversation without streaming it to via the shoutcast server, you can use a number of skype 'extras',  3rd party recording programs, or telephony programs that support recording.  More info here.

If you want to record the conversation and stream it via the Shoutcast server, things get a bit more challenging. Methods vary based on operating system, sound card, and an assortment of other variables, but generally requires either a desktop USB mic or a USB headset that has two separate inputs (one for the mic and one for the earphoens).  It is doable with a 'regular' headset, but thusfar sound quality has been poorer and echo issues have been unavoidable. It is also doable using some kind of external mixer, but we have not yet experimented much with that method.  Windows users will most likely need to use Virtual Audio Cables , while Mac uses will need to use Audio Hijack Pro

This weeks task:  post a short (about 1 minute) recording of both ends of a telephony conversation using whatever method you can.
You can try to contact other interns or friends for the recording or if no one is available, you can call 'Skype lady' at 'echo123'

Chat Log Below /

11:56:07 Michael Foerster (2) -> momento green....
11:58:20 Michael Foerster -> greenstuder, the skypecast link is: 
12:00:05 jeff -> skypecast at:
12:01:48 CathyE -> webhuddle is good
12:03:41 jeff2 -> Webhuddle at: EdTech Talk invites you to a WebHuddle session. Click the link below to join: 
12:03:52 Michael Foerster -> I've got a question - why do we use the crazy patchwork of technology that we do? 
12:05:13 jeff ->
12:05:41 Michael Foerster -> Darn - I've been looking for that killer webcasting app!
12:05:57 jeff ->
12:06:30 CathyE -> I lost the chat and the webhuddle link- will you please post it again
12:06:46 Michael Foerster -> Webhuddle at: EdTech Talk invites you to a WebHuddle session. Click the link below to join:   12:03:53 [Michael Foerster] I've got a
12:07:10 sharonp -> you need to extrapolate the reciprocal of the bitrate and map it to the reverb
12:09:30 sharonp -> Michael - you are from Detroit?
12:10:10 sharonp -> my hometown! - well, actually, south Detroit - Windsor Ontario
12:10:28 Michael Foerster -> I love Windsor!
12:10:53 Michael Foerster -> I'm from Northern Michigan, but am now in forced exile in Detroit
12:11:58 sharonp -> Windsor has some lovely riverside parks and great restaurants!
12:12:02 jeff2 -> EdTech Talk invites you to a WebHuddle session. Click the link below to join: 
12:13:50 sharonp -> webhuddle is so great
12:14:01 VanceS -> what's teh email and password in the webhuddle
12:14:24 sharonp -> your own presumably
12:14:30 sharonp -> just need email and name
12:14:34 sharonp -> no need for password
12:14:37 Michael Foerster -> I'm using a mac right now.  I have access to a PC as well
12:15:07 sharonp -> yeah, I got in without any of that
12:18:15 jeff ->
12:18:29 greenstuder -> I'm on Mac, too
12:19:40 CathyE -> Do we put  check n the box for both internal and external mic?
12:22:34 CathyE -> recording
12:27:27 VanceS -> I'm trying to relocate the skypecast
12:27:35 VanceS -> I can see webhuddle and this chat
12:28:22 VanceS -> I was getting the recording of others talking fine
12:28:30 greenstuder -> On Mac I have the choice of internal microphone or line in
12:28:41 VanceS -> I have an idea of issues with recording one's own voice
12:28:56 sharonp -> yikes four computers!
12:30:29 VanceS -> maybe I should ask for the skypecast  url here
12:30:30 sharonp -> I have downloaded VAC - just haven't installed and played with it yet
12:30:58 sharonp -> Vance -
12:31:07 sharonp -> I think I caught all of it
12:31:21 CathyE -> So doing it with 2 machines could be my answer since I don't have stereo mix as an option?
12:31:51 sharonp -> could I do it with one P
12:31:52 sharonp -> C
12:31:57 sharonp -> PC and one Mac?
12:32:13 VanceS -> skypecast is slow here
12:32:18 jeff -> you would need stereo mix on at least one
12:33:32 CathyE -> FYI- Dell is not supporting stereo mix any more :(
12:33:36 jeff -> cathy, can you skype in?
12:33:56 sharonp -> yikes I have a Dell - what are the implications of that?
12:34:36 sharonp -> is that just for new Dells
12:34:38 sharonp -> ?
12:36:30 jeff -> 
12:38:10 VanceS -> that's happened to me
12:38:31 Michael Foerster -> Skype can be rather strange at times....
12:39:02 VanceS -> where is the stereo mix I'm supposed to take out?
12:39:48 Do?g -> sounds like you have it selected in Audacity
12:40:19 Doug -> you could stop Audacity--could be the stream too, make sure that's off
12:40:25 Doug -> as wel
12:40:25 VanceS -> edit / preferenences?
12:40:27 Doug -> well
12:40:50 Doug -> the drop-down beside the microphone right inthe interface itself
12:41:32 VanceS -> in audacity, right?
12:41:38 Doug -> yes
12:42:13 Michael Foerster -> Jeff, I have a question regarding the Academy website, when it is appropriate (given that we are deep into webhuddle, audacity, and skype right now)
12:42:29 beyza -> Hi again
12:42:41 VanceS -> thanks doug, set it to what?
12:42:49 Michael Foerster -> Hello again
12:42:58 Doug -> microphone
12:43:42 VanceS -> done, should this clear the echo?
12:43:46 Doug -> that should help with the echo, but, again, you'd need the virtual audio cables to get "both sides" of  the recording
12:43:47 Doug -> yes
12:44:07 Doug -> but this would at least allow you to get all others
12:44:13 Doug -> in the conversation
12:44:23 greenstuder -> I have a question about how to set themmike on Mac?
12:45:05 Doug -> go ahead--don't really know mac, but will help if I can
12:45:13 VanceS -> ok, I'm recording the sound of others
12:45:15 Michael Foerster -> What version of the Mac?  Are you running OS-X?
12:45:23 Doug -> it is the same principle
12:45:44 Doug -> you'll need audio hijack, or similar "repeater" to get both side of convo on mac
12:46:22 greenstuder -> the mike
12:47:32 greenstuder -> so slow.... I have Tiger, OS X 1.4
12:48:08 greenstuder -> but it's how to do the setting on audacity, I'm wondering
12:48:57 greenstuder -> The microphone options are internal mic. or line in
12:49:44 Michael Foerster -> The Mac mic control is found in the System Preferences (found by clicking on the apple logo in the upper left; then hit "Sound", then select "Input"
12:50:45 VanceS -> that's impossible, I've been muted the past ten minutes
12:51:05 VanceS -> i mean the echo could not have come from me
12:52:49 Michael Foerster -> For my iMac I have the choice between Line In, Internal Mic (built-in), or External Mic
12:53:17 greenstuder -> I have lost the sound
12:53:30 jeff -> you left the skypecast
12:53:35 jeff -> 
12:53:56 jeff -> oops, it's finished now
12:53:59 jeff -> so you can't join
12:54:31 jeff -> you can try skyping 'worldbridges', but will need to mute your mic until we sort out your audio issues
12:55:49 Michael Foerster ->
12:56:56 greenstuder -> I get the the voice mail
12:58:05 lee -> ok.. i just did a movie showing how to do the mac setup for mic and audacity
12:58:20 lee -> it will be up in about ten minutes
12:58:29 lee -> screencast tutorial i mean
12:59:05 greenstuder -> OK, but can I join the skypecast again?
12:59:58 jeff -> the skypecast closed
13:00:04 jeff -> trying to skype you directly now
13:00:16 jeff -> is 'greenstuder' your ID?
13:00:24 green?tuder -> yes
13:00:55 jeff -> says user not found
13:01:09 jeff -> hmmm
13:01:14 jeff -> try calling 'worldbridges' again
13:02:52 VanceS -> is this supposed to be visible in WebHuddle?
13:03:01 jeff -> yes
13:03:05 jeff -> I'm seeing it
13:03:18 VanceS -> I'm probably getting a lag
13:03:22 sendkathy -> hi all!
13:03:29 greenstuder -> I get therecorded
13:03:42 sendkathy -> You must be about to end, just thought I'd pop in.
13:03:51 sendkathy -> What's the webhuddle link?
13:03:52 VanceS -> should i have opened another webhuddle?
13:05:18 jeff2 -> EdTech Talk invites you to a WebHuddle session. Click the link below to join: 
13:06:17 lee -> Audio Recording & Editing session - tuesday 15:00 GMT - Channel 1
13:06:44 greenstuder -> OK, sorry my skype status was offline
13:08:14 lee -> 3 : 00 oh no
13:08:15 sharonp -> Okay so channel 1 is Sandbox A
13:08:26 lee -> wait
13:08:26 sharonp -> in Webcast Academy
13:08:48 lee -> it is 14:30 gmt
13:09:08 sharonp -> 9:30 EST?? in Sandbox A..??
13:09:20 lee -> Ok it is 930 est
13:09:45 lee -> yes.. ok
13:09:58 sharonp -> Sounds great - I should be able to make it!
13:10:11 sharonp -> i would love to have some hands-on practice!
13:11:50 sharonp ->  garageband comes with iLife
13:11:53 sharonp -> bundled with macs
13:12:08 sharonp -> Lee is a mac user - she's a pro!
13:13:15 lee -> Thank you Sharon... you are very nice!
13:14:19 greenstuder -> I've  got garage band, but  I haven't used it, not being a musician.
13:15:30 sharonp -> I have to get going along with my day.... nice to see everyone this week - good luck to us all!
13:19:10 VanceS -> the webhuddle I'm looking at has no relation to what is being said
13:19:30 VanceS -> do I have to change webhuddle links?
13:19:44 jeff -> might be a good idea vance
13:19:47 jeff -> exit and rejoin
13:20:04 jeff2 -> EdTech Talk invites you to a WebHuddle session. Click the link below to join: 
13:25:20 VanceS -> I see garageband now but it appeared after you talked about it :-)
13:29:22 JenM -> Sounds lovely!! In Sandbox A
13:29:34 jeff -> yay!
13:31:32 JenM -> Hear you later! bye!
13:31:44 greenstuder -> Thank you
13:32:39 lee ->  bye jenM
13:33:05 Michael Foerster -> Interesting!  TY!
13:36:36 lee -> It is basic but it is for greenstuder
13:36:42 jeff2 ->
13:37:10 lee -> silent movie
13:37:16 lee -> VERY basic
13:37:41 greenstuder -> Thanks a lot Lee. I really appreciate that.
13:38:44 lee -> Greenstuder, understand that you must make the choicd as to which mic you use..internal is choose and the options will show in system preferences..then audacity will just be the one on the video
13:41:58 greenstuder -> I need to leave now. Gotta drive someone to the station. Thanks a?d buy
13:42:08 greenstuder -> byebye
13:42:42 Michael Foerster -> Bye Barbara!
13:45:23 VanceS -> I've got to go folks
13:45:56 VanceS -> 10:45 pm here, still need to have dinner
13:46:04 jeff -> thanks for hanging in so long
13:46:08 VanceS -> audios and thanks
13:46:56 Michael Foerster -> Later Vance!
14:02:50 Michael Foerster -> Thanks y'all!  Have a great day!
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