Webcast Academy Intern Application Process

All materials produced here are freely available and everyone is welcome to make use of them.  Those who would like to post comments and participate in forum discussions can register to become  'basic member'.  Those who would like to participate in a 'basic program' internship and can meet the requirements below are welcome to apply to become a Webcast Academy Intern.  The first step in the application process is to read this page in its entirety.

The program is run as a 'collaborate open source learning community'.  A few experienced webcasters will serve as 'facilitators', guiding interns through the process of learning how to produce live, interactive webcasts. Weekly workshops will be held and assignments given.  Attendance at live sessions is not required, but we hope that interns will at least listen to the recordings and participate in other collaborative activities. Interns are provided with streaming access to Worldbridges Sandbox A & B channels and provided with enough space (100MB) at to post all of their assignments.  There is no fee for those who plan to webcast on the Worldbridges Network or in non-profit or educational environments. For those who plan to do their own commercial webcasting, we ask for a $100 registration fee.

Requirements (Webcast Academy Basic Program - 6 weeks)

     Interns will need to: 

  • spend several hours/week actively participating in collaborative learning community activities (live webcasts, group skype chats, forums dicussions,  etc.)
  • complete weekly assignments
  • produce 3 live interactive webcasts 
  • successfully participate in a Finals Week Webcast Relay
  • complete a 'Webcaster's Portfolio' and at least one 'Webcast Setup Report'
  • stream and publish their own 'gradcast', providing an overview of their webcasting journey and the media they've produced
  • be prepared to face some frustrating challenges and be willing to work through them together with fellow interns
  • accept that this collaboratively built community is a work in progress and full of imperfections.  When encountering things in need of improvement, try to think of how you can help make those improvements and leave the Academy better than you found it.
More detailed information about intern requirements can be found on the Certification and Graduation page of the Book of Webcasting. Upon successful completion of all requirements, graduates will receive a Webcast Academy 'Certificate of Webcasting Proficiency' and become eligible for a Worldbridges Webcasting License. 

Application: OK, if you've made it this far and are ready to begin your internship, please complete these first steps:

  1. Register - create an account here at
    Make sure to select intern as you type of membership and complete the Intern Portion of your profile.
    (If you created account a while ago, but only now want to become an intern, simply click 'My Account' / Edit to change your type of membership and complete the intern portion of your portfolio)
  2. Send us a note confirming that you' like to be an intern.
  3. Post a short note of introduction in the Introduction Forum for the class you plan to join.


 Thanks again for your interest in the Webcast Academy.  If you have additional questions, please post them in the 'About Webcast Academy' section of the Discussion Forums.