SpEdTeach2 Introduction and Preamble

This is my brief audio file introduction.  It is great to be on board! - SpEdTeach2


Hi David! Welcome to the Webcastacademy - let us know if there is anything with which we can help you as you work through the material. This is set-up as a self guided curriculum, however there are many in the "family" who will help you!! I am Durff on Twitter, feel free to follow me. Although I know nothing but good coffee, I do know some people who know a lot about webcasting!
Your recording was well done, I did hear some background noise. Wondering if it was the quality of your mic ?

Welcome to Webcastacademy. The curriculum here is a self-paced program however there are many people in the "family" to help you! Feel free to find me online if you need anything. I invite you to attend the It's Elementary bimonthly webcast and to sign up for the EdTechTalk newsletter. See you around the virtual neighborhood soon!!