Microphone problem

Bought Logitech USB micro, I think the one recommended on this site . Volume, though  (as recorded in Audacity) is too low and far worse than my old, non-USB micro -Typhoon - which I doubt is a known brand.

 Tips?  This the third course I'm trying to follow. I don't mind not being able to fly unaided by a plane, but I would LOVE to stream.    Dennis 

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Hi Dennis,

  I think you're definitely in the running for the Academy's persistence award :) 
  If it's the USB logitech desktop mic, I too had lower volume levels than I wanted with that mic (on some machines). To start with obvious troubleshooting - have you maxed the volume for the USB Mic - volume control / Options/ Properties/ choose your USB mic as the mixer device / choose recording / and crank volume. 
In this screenshot, it's like the volume control in the upper right. http://webcastacademy.net/files/JeffL-HPPavilionDesktop-Setup.jpg

If it is maxed but still sounds lower than you'd like, you can still proceed with other challenges and eventually find a mic that works better.

Good luck,

Dennis, I was having low mic problems and it turned out that every time I was choosing my mic, it was defaulting to a very low volume so now I just check the volume setting everytime I choose that mic and it's fine. 


Susan Ettenheim