Introduction, first homework

Well, this is the forum for audio introductions.

I made my intro in garageband, sent to itunes, converted to mp3, then uploaded. Success. Not sure but the flash just happened. That must be Jeff having an auto configure! Gotta love it. Great to listen to all the other posts and  making comments. Please comment here. How was it making your introduction? how many edits? how many times did you post? Can you see how you might use this in your classroom or your professional life? 

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I could successfully post record and edit my intro using audacity. I had to play around with the audio preferences as they were different from the ones I needed for recording. But, it was fun and I had no problems. Uploading here was a piece of cake. Easier than last year when we had to use the flash player code. Thanks, Jeff, for making our lives easier.

By being able to play around with Audacity we can give voice to our students and to so many other colleagues all over the world! It's just an amazing and very user-friendly piece that can archive the global voices.  


Carla (Skype ID: carlaarena)

I used audacity for my intro.  It was very straight forward - but of course I had several gos at saying all I wanted to say without "stuffing" up a word or two or getting the giggles!  Managed to edit the beginning (had to cut out a long pause) and the end ('cos it sounded too cheesy!)  I wanted to be clever and try to be successful with the flash - but it wasn't happening for me.  Will try next time.

Using this kind of activity in the class?  I could see this as a fun activity with my new students at the beginning of the year introducing themselves and telling their new classmates a few things about themselves.  Perhaps even recordings of two truths and a lie and everyone leaves a comment about which one they think is a lie.  OOOooooh - roll on next year! 

I have not used Audacity lately so spent more than two hours trying to record it the way I wanted it and posting it to the site, where I also faced some downtime (I had no blogging rights and could not find how to disable Xinha's WYSIWYG rich text editor to insert the code for the flash button) * I did find it now, but cannot copy the flash code from the screencast .

Retracing my steps:

First I downloaded the mp3 from Gil's site. Then I opened Audacity and imported it there. I used the <selection tool> to highlight what I wanted, and used the <trim outside the selection> button to eliminate what I was not going to use. I saved the snippet both as aup (audacity file) and exported it as an mp3.

My pbs started when I tried to record my voice right after the cursor on the same aup file where the music was. The file showed two tracks stereo tracks for the music. My voice recording opened a third and fourth track below the selection. When I saved the whole lot, my voice came on top of the song. The second time I saved, there was no music at all, just my voice.

I tinkered for quite some time and ended by opening another audacity project, imported the mp3 music snippet into it and recorded my voice right after it...ouf. I still think there must be some easier way to do it.



Could you post your audio under create content and then select audio? I don't see it in the blog area. Audacity can be tricky with multiple tracks. Check out the HELP menu at the top of your screen when you have audacity open. I only edit in audacity, but I know if the cursor is in the wrong spot when you begin to record that can be the beginning of your problem. Good luck, I'll be back on later today, Saturday.

Cheryl Oakes

Webhead 2006, Collaborative Content Coach for Technology K-12, Wells Ogunquit CSD 

I uploaded the mp3 file to the blog , where I did not manage to insert the flash button as I could not get hold of the code.n Should I upload the mp3 file again to create audio content or is there a way I can use the same file inside the system?

Like many things here at the academy, posting the flash player using that code is out of date.  Any post that contains audio should be posted by clicking 'create content/audio'.

Re-posting it is up to you.  Feel free to do so, feel free not to.  I have updated the audio flash player faq to include the outdated code.