I am copying here the discussion that is taking place on the wiki I am using to prepare my keynote so that everybody who is participating in the webcastacademy workshop can also have access to it. (it would be so nice if I could send the message directly from one to the other like we do with photos on Flickr - does Wikispaces/Drupal have an open API?)

JEFF LEBOW: Yes, it is certainly possible to stream so that people could access audio from any Worldbridges site,, and inworld at any SL venue (provided that the land's media properties are set to the stream URL). Those on the ground in New Orleans would be listening to the audio directly from the skype conf, and setting that up so echo is not a problem will need to be sound checked onsite beforehand.
The other key ingredient is a person to manage the skype conf and stream it to the WB server. The Worldbridges server resources are definitely available, I'm just not sure that I will personally be available to coordinate the stream, which is why I suggested finding another webcaster to serve as backup in case I'm not available. Other Webheads who might be able to stream include Lee Baber, Cheryl Oakes, & Graham Stanley.

Bee: How can I best distribute all these venues between 2 computers. SL will be projected on one screen and use one computer of its own, I suppose.
I will then have my own computer connected to a microphone with Skype (?) streaming out (and in) through the loudspeakers. On the screen I will be projecting participants in the Alado chatroom - can I open both at the same time? How do I manage the sound on the microphone? Should I mute Skype when using Alado? How will participants who are gathered in SL hear and be heard by people at the conference and Alado?
Andy has drawn a gliffy map to illustrate the electrical connections of the computers. I have made another one adding some more on top of it as he does not show the sound.

 Although I have attached two pictures, I do not manage to show them in the post.

* hmmm..when I save the post, the attachments do not appear either..tough will have to go to the wiki page to see them.

(Photos added by Jeff)

So the first one clientdiagram is what Andy made, and the second - merlot 2007 is mine. What I want to know is:

How do we bridge the different online environments so that they can listen and speak? broadband and Skype/webcast?
How is the sound going to work inside the conference room? How do I avoid an echo chamber? Do I need a sound mixer?


Hello Bee,

  This diagram should provide an overview of the streaming process currently used at Worldbridges and addresses some of the issues I mentioned during our conversation Sunday night.

Inside the conference room, you shouldn't need a mixer.  You just need to be careful with microphone placement.  Specifically, echo can usually be avoided by keeping the microphone behind the speakers.